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We are a Law Firm with loyalty, integrity, and dedication in your case, for us victims are not just another case, we deeply feel that an individual deserves protection and civil rights at all times. Nobody wants to be injured by the negligence of another, that lead us by experience to be a fierce legal group, extensive experience in multiple jurisdictions. with fierce advocates for any Personal Injury case in New Mexico.


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At Valencia Law Group, we understand accidents can happen to anyone at anytime. Our firm knows that a motor vehicle collision can disrupt your life in a matter of seconds. It is our goal as legal representatives to help relieve the stress of dealing with insurance companies and ensure a successful resolution to your case.

Our team is experienced in navigating the claims process, which can be very confusing and unveil issues not commonly known. We strive to make this process as smooth as possible for our clients. We know our clients are more than just their accident and injuries - THEY ARE REAL PEOPLE - Real people who deserve the best treatment and representation. We fight for our clients - Let Us Fight For You!

*Premises Liability cases subject to attorney review

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