Victims of crime and troubled dependents of US citizens can apply for U-Visa and VAWA. Get full legal support and guidance from Valencia Law Group.

According to immigration policies for the immigrants who have been victims of ill-treatment, there are certain provisions, wherein, these people can apply for immigration to the USA. These are covered under U-Vis and VAWA.

What is U-Visa?

The U-Visa is meant for immigrants who are victims of a tragic criminal situation and have been instrumental in the investigation for the same. The US laws protect the interest of the victims, allowing a possible immigrant visa.

If you or someone you know has encountered the above scenario, our attorneys are equipped to help you to apply for the U-Visa.

What is the VAWA?

If children or spouse of a US Citizen or an LPR have faced abuse due to any of the identified reasons, they can self-petition for entry into the United States. This is allowed under the VAWA. It empowers the victims to gain lawful status, as well as, the permission to work and access public services in the US.

Consult our attorneys to know more about the Violence Against Women Act and how to apply. We assist you in the full legal process.

How to know if you qualify for the VAWA or U-Visa?

The VAWA and U-Visa are meant for relief of victims of abuse. There are a number of checks made before these visas are accepted. The only way to determine your eligibility for the visa is to discuss your case and condition with an experienced attorney dealing in these visas.

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