Laws governing wrongful death are highly statutory in nature, hire an experienced attorney for a probable outcome.

Wrongful death belongs to the tort doctrine where the situation has resulted in the death of a person. It invites sections from statutory bodies that are not as open to interpretation as laws governing personal injury are. In most cases, the immediate family members of the deceased can apply for compensation for losses borne by them.

In case you’ve had the misfortune of losing someone in a wrongful death case, you can file for reimbursements. At Valencia Law Group, our attorneys have valuable experience in representing wrongful death plaintiffs. Our core understanding of the statute enables you to bring justice to your case.

The key to resolving a wrongful death case is understanding the cause of death accurately. Each case is nuanced and the cause can be anything from a motor accident to a homicide. Our attorneys provide the necessary case intelligence and legal expertise you need to protect your interest in such a tragedy.

Our highly confidable legal professionals are at your disposal, helping you rightfully navigate the proceedings, in order to attain a desirable outcome.

Various Wrongful Death Case Scenarios 

  • Act of carelessness or negligence by the defendant resulting in the death of the victim.
  • Misconduct or accident while driving a motor vehicle.
  • Medical malpractice leading to a fatal injury.
  • Homicide or intended act of murder.
  • Death due to a defective product or pharmaceutical.

We understand that your case can be much more complex than the scenarios listed above. Get immaculate advice from our attorneys and make sure that you are compensated for the losses faced by you or your family.

Time guidelines for filing suit, plaintiff qualifications, and permissible damages in a wrongful death case vary from state to state. Take prompt action and consult one of our VLG attorneys today.