Whether you’re the defendant or the plaintiff, we help you fight Premises Liability cases with strong legal precedence.  

Premises Liability laws deal with injuries caused in the premises of a property owned by a person. There are several factors that must be understood in order to navigate a Premises Liability case as the property owner can only be held accountable if the injury arises from a stimulus associated with the property.

You can be the victim of the injury who is filing a lawsuit or reimbursements or you can be the property owner who has been wrongfully charged for the case. In either scenario, we help you protect your case by carefully examining the situation and guiding you proficiently.

At Valencia Law Group, we are personal injury experts, helping you deal with complex Premises Liability cases. Our trained attorneys safeguard your interest in the case where multiple parties are involved or the property is given on lease.

Ensure that any damages made to you are reimbursed, or any false accusations are professionally dealt with our legal support.

Alternating Premises Liability Case Scenarios 

  • Animal and Dog Bites
  • Slip and Fall Accidents
  • Dangerous Property
  • Negligent or Inadequate Security
  • Swimming Pool Injury

There could be many other scenarios such as Children on Property, Retail Store Liability or Restaurant Liability. Our experience in dealing with Premises Liability proves beneficial for our clients in bringing about the best possible resort.

Get in touch with our attorneys to understand your stake properly. Most state laws differ in how they treat Premises Liability. Prompt action will ensure a probable outcome.