Helping you straighten things out in the aftermath of a Motor Vehicle Accident. 

Motor mishaps leading to personal injury can be hard and hapless, but recovering from them is not. At Valencia Law Group, we assist you in the entire process of obtaining respite from Motor Vehicle Accidents.

We understand that each Motor Accident Case is unique in itself, and must be handled with extreme precision. Therefore, Our team of attorneys specializing in Traffic and Personal Injury laws help with the full legal recourse.

Motor Vehicle Accidents usually have a number of overlapping factors that can be hard to comprehend. Who was at fault in the accident? Who should pay for damages? Does my insurance cover my injury? Our expert VLG attorneys help you understand the scattered implications and guide you to the best possible resort.

Helping you in various Motor Vehicle Scenarios

  • Accident due to road safety negligence.
  • Accident due to reckless driving.
  • Accident due to drunk driving.
  • Accident due to a vehicle manufacturing defect.
  • Accident due to poor public infrastructure conditions.

We understand that your case can be far more complex than the scenarios listed above. We are ready to listen to it, in order to help you claim your stake as fruitfully as possible.

Motor Vehicle Accidents demand prompt action. Speak to our Case Expert Attorney anytime in our office at Albuquerque, New Mexico and discuss your case at the earliest.