A dog bite case can often leave life-lasting injuries and nasty repercussions. Claim your losses rightfully with our attorneys.   

Dog bites are the category of accidents that are emotionally gruelling for the dog owner as well as the victim. Even with no intended harm, the victim can face severe injuries, for which the dog owner must compensate. This is also referred to as “Strict Liability”. Our Personal Injury lawyers help you navigate a Dog Bite case.

The statute governing a Dog Bite case, is often different for each state. Some states require the case to be reported within three years of the injury. The claim process can also vary depending upon the nuance of the case. Valencia Law Group attorneys are well-versed with Dog Bite cases; ready to traverse your case to a positive outcome.

In most Dog Bite cases, you’d have to prove that you didn’t provoke the dog and that the owner didn’t take enough action to avoid the bite. Due to the subjective nature of such cases, obtaining the services of an expert Personal Injury attorney is highly recommended.

The legal system has provisions for Dog Bite accidents which means you can be sure that your losses will be reimbursed. Our attorneys help you get your claims rightfully and definitely.

Multiple Dog Bite Case Scenarios 

  • Act of carelessness or negligence by the dog owner.
  • Failing to restrain the dog when it was possible.
  • An intentional attack made by the dog owner on the victim.
  • The victim had no contribution in provoking the dog.
  • A separate case where the dog didn’t bite but still caused considerable damage.

The actual happenings that took place during the injury will reveal the correct course of action for your case. With years of experience in dealing with Dog Bite personal injuries, we are tactfully equipped to protect your interest.

Valencia Law Group attorneys are prepared to take your case and help you claim the rightful reimbursements for your injury. Apply at the earliest, and discuss your case with us in detail for a probable resolution.