Have a Personal Injury attorney protect your case in a Bicycle & Pedestrian Accident.

Bicycle & Pedestrian Accidents may not be fatal but often invite several complexities. It is hard to hold a single party liable for damages. Our personal injury lawyers help you cut through the clutter and obtain appropriate resolution.

In most cases, a pedestrian or cyclist is attributed with “duty of care” which holds them accountable for acting in a reasonable manner. Establishing absolute liability to a single party can be tormenting, which is why an experienced attorney is needed in such cases.

At Valencia Law Group, we safeguard your interest by leveraging our Personal Injury case law expertise. Our attorneys thoroughly guide you about your role in the case and the relevant implications, to help you get your damages recovered. With a proper investigation of the accident factors such as time, place, speed and type of the vehicle in contrast to the duty of care, we ensure justice to you.

Some Common Bicycle & Pedestrian Accident Scenarios 

  • The cyclist was acting with negligence.
  • A motor vehicle hit a pedestrian or a cyclist.
  • An accident took place due to breach of duty of care of the pedestrian.
  • The cyclist or pedestrian was injured due to a faulty bicycle.
  • A poor cycling condition brought about an accident concerning a pedestrian.

There are countless scenarios that can take place in an accident and we understand that your case can be far more complex. Report your case to us so that we can scrutinize it properly, and help you obtain reimbursements without unnecessary penalties.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents demand prompt action. Speak to our Case Expert Attorney anytime in our office at Albuquerque, New Mexico and discuss your case at the earliest.