Imagine there is a collision against your car. You clearly know you have not to fault and need to get paid for damages or suffering, after making sure everyone is okay and getting home safely, it’s now time to get busy claiming your damages.

After an accident, working with your car insurance company can be a time-consuming hassle and not mention the other driver´s car insurance company.

A thirdparty claim is when someone has suffered injuries by the third -party, and we know that the other driver’s car insurance is time-consuming. Contact VLG and let us handle your case for significant compensation.

The tricky course begins with filing an FIR (FIRST INFORMATION REPORT) with the police and obtaining a charge sheet, which we all know is a mammoth task in itself.

There are two types of automobile third-party liability coverage. First, bodily injury liability covers costs resulting from injuries to a person. These injuries’ fees could include expenses like hospital care, lost wages, and pain and suffering due to the accident. Second, property damage liability covers costs resulting from damages to or loss of property.

We want to share some key takeaways about this type of claims before continuing:

  1. Third-party insurance covers an individual or firm against a loss caused by some third-party.
  2. An example is automobile insurance that will indemnify the insured if another driver damages the insured’s car.

Gather necessary information

The driver who crashes into your car is responsible for reporting the accident to his or her car insurance company. However, you need to make sure you contact their insurer as well. 

It’s vital to get complete information on the other party at the accident scene. The folowing is what you need to make your claim:

  • Other driver’s name and address
  • Other driver’s insurance company name and policy information
  • Statements and contact information from witnesses
  • Take pictures of the accident scene — most smartphone cameras are suitable. If you can take photos of the cars as they sit right after the accident, it is best. 
  • If you had to move due to safety concerns, take photos of each vehicle’s damage.

All of the evidence gathered at the scene to bolster your position on the cause of the accident.

If you are involved in a crash, it’s good that you contact the right people, don’t admit any guilt unless you have someone like the police or a lawyer, relay only the facts of the accident, even if you believe the other driver to be at fault, it’s not smart to just say that. Give the insurer the facts to show their driver is at fault and liable for your damages.

Although you may feel that you have not caused the accident, you might want to contact your insurance company anyway. Contact your insurance company establishes your good-faith accident-reporting effort and can aid you if the other party’s insurer denies responsibility for the accident.

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Note: Every case is different, this is up to change relatively.

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