Deadly crashes happen far too often on Albuquerque’s freeways. But as News 13 discovered that some of the most dangerous spots for drivers in the city are right off the interstates, people treat like the freeway on streets.

Almost every crash is entirely avoidable, more than 1,500 crashes in 2018 were caused by drivers speeding, disregarding traffic signals, or both. Near 90 of those crashes happened on Albuquerque’s frontage roads.

Driving during the day or at night makes a big difference since car accidents increase at night when our visual acuity decreases.

Respect the speed limits because the roads or wrong way signal information is lost, on the sides of the road by driving fast, and we may not react quickly with the excess speed.

Avoid driving after 02:00 am

Due to our life cycle, from 02:00 am, our fatigue intensifies, and reflexes diminish, for that, if they are to drive at night, try to take frequent breaks.

Use stimuli to drive.

A distractor (for example, driving with a cell phone or eating) is not the same as a stimulus. If we are very concentrated on the road at night, it can be somewhat hypnotic and make us sleepy, which reduces our ability to react.

Music or radio, as well as opening the window from time to time, can help us stay awake. Do not forget to be aware of what is happening around you, for example, by frequently checking the rearview mirror.

Make sure you have a safe car.

If you can have the Blind Spot Detector or the collision warning, that would be very helpful.

If a vehicle travels at 110 km / h, it consumes 20% more fuel than if it went at 90 km / h.

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