The lawyer-client relationship is essential when handling a personal injury case. When we talk about car accidents, it is good to mention that the first thing you should do to minimize injuries is always to wear your seatbelt.

We know that you can control how you drive. Unfortunately, other drivers may not be paying as much attention, like for example rear-end car accidents. On the other hand, other drivers on the road owe a duty to others to act reasonably behind the wheel. 

A car accident will never be a pleasant experience for anyone, and it can cause many types of injuries that end in severity for you as the driver or any of your passengers. 

Motor vehicle collisions.The most common injuries

The most common injuries suffered in a collision are known as “Whiplash” injuries.  Whiplash generally causes pain in the head, neck, and upper back.  Other areas of the body can be affected by whiplash as well.

More severe injuries occur when there is a more forceful collision impact, and this is why you need to contact promptly a skilled New Mexico Car accident lawyer . That is when you start head injuries such as concussions, even fractures, and skin lacerations. At Valencia Law Group we have proven record of success in this type of cases, you are welcome to ask the questions you need to feel confident at the moment of filing a claim.

However, the more common unseen injuries are the mental and frustrations of having been in the collision in the first place. The physical pain, coupled with the mental anguish, often results in absence from work to seek proper treatment. 

For these reasons, it is always good to seek legal representation and choose lawyers who you feel comfortable with and trust someone you think will protect your best interests.

What makes the difference with Valencia Law Group PLLC?

First, our firm always avoids seeing these situations as another case. We are courteous, fierce fighting for your rights and your recovery. We are skilled attorneys located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

We are ready and willing to get the best results for those who have been injured. We understand that our clients are people first, and we strive to maintain excellence in handling their cases.

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