These services are convenient, inexpensive, and fast, but they carry the same risk as traveling by any other vehicle. The drivers are just regular people who are hoping to earn extra income. 

These services have become increasingly popular over the last several years. Sadly, the number of accidents involving Uber or Lyft drivers has also been on the rise. If you have been injured in a rideshare accident, seek legal representation from lawyers of  Valencia Law Group PLLC right away. To schedule a free consultation, call at 833-617-0301

It is good to know that if you use ridesharing services, there are a few things you should know. Rideshare companies and taxi companies perform basically the same service, however they are not legally classified in the same manner. 

Uber and Lyft are classified as tech companies rather than taxi companies, which allows them to avoid many of the regulations imposed on the taxi industry and a lot of these regulations were established to protect consumers.

The drivers who work for Uber and Lyft are classified as independent contractors, not employees. This classification makes it more difficult for victims to hold Uber or Lyft liable for the actions of their drivers. But, with the help of a skilled Uber and Lyft accident lawyer, you can secure the compensation you deserve. Contact Valencia Law Group as soon as you can.

Rideshare Accident Claims

Uber and Lyft also have complex insurance policies that complicate matters even further. These insurance policies will only cover accidents that occur at certain times. For example, the driver’s status at the time of the accident could determine whether the ridesharing company’s insurance policy will cover the crash and what type of coverage should apply. This 

If a negligent rideshare driver hit you, you must investigate to find out if the driver was actively working for the ridesharing company or transporting passengers at the time of the crash.

Victims can’t know which insurance company to file a claim with after an accident without this information.  

But also Ridesharing companies often hire a team of lawyers to help them avoid liability in these claims. Get a free consultation with our Personal Injury Lawyer New Mexico.

Types of Uber Accident and Lyft Accident Claims

There are a handful of different scenarios in which an Uber or Lyft accident can occur. Here’s an overview of the types of rideshare accident claims:

What if I am an Uber passenger during a disaster?

Ridesharing companies have insurance policies that cover accidents that occur when there are paying customers in the car. Therefore, victims in this situation would file a claim with the ridesharing company’s insurance policy to recover compensation. 

What if an accident occurs while an Uber or Lyft driver is on his way to pick up a passenger?

A rideshare driver may cause an accident after he has accepted a ride request, but before he has picked up the passenger who made the request. If this happens, the ridesharing company’s insurance policy will cover the accident. 

What if an Uber driver hits my car?

If an Uber driver hits your car, it’s essential to determine whether or not the driver was actively working for the ridesharing company at the time of the collision. Uber and Lyft insurance policies do not cover accidents that occur when the driver is off the clock and using his vehicle for personal reasons. If the driver was not working at the time of the crash, the claim might be filed against his insurance policy as opposed to the ridesharing company’s strategy. 

In this scenario, the at-fault Uber or Lyft driver would have sought compensation from his insurance policy to cover his medical expenses, lost wages, and property damage caused by the crash.

Your role in the accident and the status of the Uber or Lyft driver at the time of the accident can impact how you should file your claim and how much compensation you may recover with a Personal Injury Lawyer New Mexico, VLG.

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